Honey-Do List

I do not want to admit that we may have too many things going on but that just might be the case.

Here is our list of current projects in order of priority:

1.  Fencing for the goats. Right now they are enclosed in a 12×20 yard. The chicken wire and t-post fencing only keeps them in 80% of the time. It wasn’t designed for them and they basically just stay in there because the hay is good and there’s dogs on the other side. Saraphine escapes in the late afternoon every day. There’s also no good shelter in it and every night I bring them into our leaky “barn” (that’s a separate issue). The good news is that we are in the process of fencing but the bad news is that we are probably only 20% done.

2. Cleaning our house and finish moving in. I divide my time between chores, homemaking and scrubbing walls of nicotine/soot filth. It’s embarrassing to admit but I only just washed the walls of our bedroom last week and we’ve lived here since December 31st. I am grateful that the house is small but I seem to find a lot more enjoyable chores to do outside. It would also be great to do some painting, hang some curtains and put the window screens back up.

3. Build a shelter for the goats. I am in the process of building a temporary one that may service them for the summer. We do need a decent run in/barn/hay storage area for them in or near their new pasture before next winter. Daniel and I have talked about building two 4×8 three sided sections. We would position them about three feet or so apart and facing each other. Then we would connect them with a raised gable roof. We would keep the sections modular so we could move it if we had to/wanted to. The style is called Monitor. Here’s a photo for clarity.

4. Fixing our leaky garage. A lot of our stuff got wet this spring. The garage here is old and is in disrepair. It has a flat roof and is flanked on one side by an even crappier addition. On one end of this is where our barn area is. We need to fix all the leaks by re-tarring it or rip the roof off and frame in a gable style roof.

5. New flooring in the house. We, as a family, have always disliked carpet. In this place there is dirty berber in the bedrooms and living room. There’s even cat pee in the corners of some of the rooms. UGH. We want to replace it with hardwood.

6. We also need to repair the chimney for the fireplace. It has some pieces that have broken away at the top.

7. We’d really like to repaint the house and get a new front door.

8. We’ll need duck, chicken, guinea and turkey housing if we don’t build the new barn. This may be as simple as fixing up the area we are using now.

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