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Too Many Goats!

It has now been a full year of owning goats. Our first two goats came in February, 2013. They were both papered Nigerian Dwarves, Daisy and Saraphine. We bought them for milk and meat. The milking didn’t go so well. … Continue reading

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Garden Planning for 2014

I’m particularly excited for a few new vegetables I’m going to plant this year. First are the new hot pepper seeds for my husband. I read that the Trinidad Scorpion Pepper recently surpassed the Ghost Pepper as the hottest pepper … Continue reading

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Raising Chicks~Let Mama Do It!

In mid May last year when one of our hens went broody I watched her for a day or two to see how serious she was. When she was still on the nest and still puffing up and holding her … Continue reading

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Roman and Bersa

It has taken me a long time to write this post. Roman was the best dog we’ve ever had. In the above picture he is laying next to a bull snake that he’s chewed the head off of. He was … Continue reading

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