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Goat Birthing Update

Yesterday at 4 and 4:30 pm just as I was entering Canada by air, my two dairy goats gave birth. I had checked them Wednesday morning before I left for my flight and there wasn’t a great deal of difference … Continue reading

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No, goaties. Noooooooo……

Are my goats going to have babies while I’m gone? Just look at them. Their little udders are all full. This just happened today between me checking them this morning and when I saw them this afternoon. Now, Nina (the … Continue reading

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No Babies Yet

Some of you know just how nerdy my nerdy side is. I LOVE records. I like to track it all; from a detailed, color coded family calendar to an egg laying chart where I can mark when each of our … Continue reading

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We are getting bees. I just got off the phone with Gib from Sunrise Honey in Clayton, Washington. He’s going to be making a delivery to Winthrop during the second week of April. I’ll be meeting him in Pateros to … Continue reading

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Goat Videos

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The Chicken Slumlord Strikes Again

Some of you know this, my husband calls me “Chicken Slumlord”. I don’t exactly create the fanciest accommodations for my animals. First, I always seem to get the creature before preparing for it. (I know, this is exactly what every … Continue reading

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Beef Tallow Breakdown

Lately I’ve noticed that a lot of you agree with the following poster: I agree too. So, this last weekend I bought 5 lbs of beef fat from my local butcher who butchers mainly grass fed, non GMO cattle. I … Continue reading

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New Farm Animals-millions of them!

My husband doesn’t like yogurt but he’s been wanting to get more probiotics into his diet. He bought probiotic supplements and I started by reading a few recipes for different things to make. When I came across kimchi (a Korean … Continue reading

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