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Ducklings First Outing

The little survivor is the one on the far right. She ends up in the food dish at the end of the video.

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Stone Cold Duckling

Just in case you couldn’t hear the narrative in the above video, here’s the story:  I looked around everywhere for the duckling. I couldn’t see it anywhere. I retraced Hazel’s steps in case she had hitched a ride up in her … Continue reading

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Third Time’s a Charm

Here I am again with the mozzarella and the mistakes. First, I did not follow the directions carefully. I was supposed to dissolve the citric acid in water and then add the cool milk. I added the citric acid as … Continue reading

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Green Grass

We are sorely in need of pasture. Each of our animals has more than adequate living space but grazing land we have not. I’ve been bringing the sheep and goats up to our front yard and staking them out so … Continue reading

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Photo of the Day: Bersa and Finn

Bersa is in heat and so we locked her up in the goat yard because it has an electric fence. It is so sweet to see that she has made new friends 🙂  

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Spring and Cheese

Spring is in full swing. The rutabagas and are up. So is the cabbage. The peas are three inches tall. The rhubarb is trying to flower but I keep pulling the stalks off.  We have two ducks trying to be … Continue reading

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