Spring and Cheese

Spring is in full swing.

The rutabagas and are up. So is the cabbage. The peas are three inches tall. The rhubarb is trying to flower but I keep pulling the stalks off.  We have two ducks trying to be mommas. The bees are into their second hive box and we just had our first day over 80 degrees F.

Here’s the duck mommas, this is Hazel:



I love change. I don’t think I could ever live anywhere that didn’t have seasons. Yesterday, we drove home past flowering apple trees and the smell was so good I almost cried!


Not everything is wonderful. The milk is flowing but the cheese is not. Anyone want to see how bad my first mozzarella turned out? Too bad. Here you go.



Good grief. The only thing it was good for was making my mom and I laugh.

I guess that mozzarella is not the best cheese to try for the first time. I didn’t read much about it. Then I arrogantly assumed that if I did some more studying I could pull it off with no problems. No. Nope. No.

The third cheese I tried was a decent success. It is called paneer. I found the recipe at Fiasco Farms website:  https://fiascofarm.com/dairy/quesoblanco.htm


I’ve been able to make yogurt as well. I’ve used my crockpot and this recipe:  http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/2008/10/you-can-make-yogurt-in-your-crockpot.html

Well, I’m going to try that dang mozzarella again. I’ll let you know (when it finally turns out.)


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5 Responses to Spring and Cheese

  1. I make goat milk mozzarella using the pioneer woman’s recipe. I’ve had great luck and it is delicious!

  2. Making Fresh Mozzarella! | The Pioneer Woman Cooks | Ree Drummond

  3. Mima says:

    That pic of your first mozza try made me lol all over again :). thanks! That pic of the cheese on tqhe stove is wonderful though!

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