Green Grass

We are sorely in need of pasture. Each of our animals has more than adequate living space but grazing land we have not.

I’ve been bringing the sheep and goats up to our front yard and staking them out so they can eat our lawn grass. I can only do this sporadically, though, because I have to keep constant watch on them. They get tangled all the time and I’ve read a goat can hang itself in the time it takes for you to turn your back.

Here’s our scraggly lawn that the animals have been eating (the good thing is also that we haven’t had to mow yet).


So, I spoke to our neighbors who sometimes host horses on their land to graze. We were prepared to buy an electric netted fencing system so we could have them graze little sections of area at a time. Our neighbors thought this was a fine idea and so we sent away for this fence: E’Stop 9/42/6. It’s 164 feet long, 42 inches tall and has double spikes to step on to push it into the ground easily.

I am very happy with it so far. I set it up on our land first so I could make sure the sheep and goats understood that they would get shocked if they touched it. It only takes once or twice and they learn not to mess with it.

Yesterday was the first day I set it up on our neighbors’ property and got all the four-legged grazers we have out there.

You wouldn’t believe how happy it makes me to see Piper with her head buried in tall green grass.



And Nina…


And of course Bersa and Finn were there too. They were doing some very photogenic head butting.


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2 Responses to Green Grass

  1. Mima says:

    Pics are great, love the head buttin!

  2. Thank you. I got a new camera. I just couldn’t handle the one with the multiple scratches in the center of the lens anymore!

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