Stone Cold Duckling

Just in case you couldn’t hear the narrative in the above video, here’s the story:  I looked around everywhere for the duckling. I couldn’t see it anywhere. I retraced Hazel’s steps in case she had hitched a ride up in her mom’s feathers and had fallen out somewhere. I walked about 20 feet away down to the river to dispose of a rotten egg I found in the nest. When I turned around I looked down on the ground and there was a duckling laying flat on its back. I picked it up and felt for any sign of life. She wasn’t stiff but felt as cold as death.

I went up to the house and put her in a bowl of warm water in the sink. I kept changing the water to keep it pretty warm. I also gently squeezed her little lungs. As I was changing the water again I felt her twitch. It was so unbelievable. She started twitching and kicking her little legs and then all of a sudden air and a little water shot out of her nostrils. I think that’s when she started breathing. I almost cried.

I waited until she was pretty warm and then took her to the bathroom and blow dried her down until she was dry. Then I popped her in the incubator, where we have some turkey eggs, for five minutes.

When I checked on her again she was peeping and alert.

I kept her with me for a little while to make sure she was doing well and then went down and put her back in the nest.

The next video is of Hazel returning to her nest.

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5 Responses to Stone Cold Duckling

  1. Oh Venessa That is so exciting! Good Job! I cant wait to meet this little one!

    • Thank you 🙂 Hazel is my favorite duck and this was her only baby. All the other eggs I gave her are from the other ducks. I REALLY wanted it to live and totally prayed for it!

  2. Mima says:

    Wow, “life on the farm” eh!? I’m still amazed you didn’t step on the little critter! So do you think it was on the way to the river? It’s weird cuz the egg shell was near the nest right? Maybe it was looking for it’s mother? So cool that you were able to revive it!

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