Finley’s Birth Story

Piper, Nina and Finley are our goats. We bred them to a Boer buck in September. Their due dates were February 6, 11 and 10, respectively.

Finley started showing some discharge on February 2. It was clear but I got all excited and started the ‘great goat watch’. I got out our baby monitor and small closed circuit camera. I ran an extension cord to the goat house and hooked up a light. I got each doe out and trimmed her hooves. And then I waited, and listened and waited, and got other people to come and watch and wait when I had to go do errands and then I waited and listened and watched and waited… I spent 6 days doing this.

Finley, Feb 4, 2015

Meanwhile, both of our vehicles decided they needed a mechanic’s special attention. So, on February 8th I went and borrowed a car from a friend. Then around 3:40 pm, I checked on the goats and noticed Finley had some extra discharge. It was cloudy and gloppy. Since I had gotten all excited the first time I noticed her leaky ways, I just told myself it would still be hours before she delivered and I left to pick up my husband from work.

We got home at about 5:10 and I went straight in the house to start dinner. I sent my son, Lucas, to go down and check on her for me. He came up saying she was either doing a gross poop or there was a leg hanging out of her butt! He hadn’t taken a flashlight with him so he wasn’t sure. I told him to stir the beans and I ran down the hill to check myself. I stayed until both her bucks were delivered.

Her first kid was all black. I kept trying to put a feed sack under her to catch her kid but she just kept moving. Soon an all black kid was born. Then after we had begun drying him off she shoved out another buck. He was huge and red; just like his daddy.  He did get up after a bit but the little black one was up pretty quickly. After a little bit of time with them both and lots of attention from Finley, we moved them all to the goat house because it was raining.

After getting everyone under shelter, the big red buckling started to seize. He was having trouble breathing or something. I stuck my finger in his mouth to ‘sweep’ whatever might have been in his mouth out but I felt something slide further down. My hubby told me later that was not an acceptable maneuver when doing CPR. However, he did regain his breath. My sweet husband worked on him non-stop. He coughed, he sputtered but he did not live. My neighbor has always said, “They either get up and live or they don’t”.

Here is the little survivor who is already trying to take over the world.

We’ve called him Fidel.

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