Piper’s Birth Story

Piper is a wonderful dairy goat. She’s so calm. When I bought her from Sunny Pine Dairy as a bottle baby a couple of years ago, the girl who worked there helped me pick her out. She told me her mother was a wonderful milker. Her temperament was excellent and she had a good udder.

Last year, we grieved with Piper when her big buckling did not survive his birth.  My husband said she looked broken-hearted as she watched our other goat with her live baby.  She formed a special attachment with us that year as we milked her.

This year, we were especially happy for her when she gave birth to a lively little doeling.

Piper’s due date this year was February 6th. I had not witnessed any discharge or bagging up in Piper in the days previous to her delivery. (Bagging up is when the udder fills with milk.) On February 9th, I did noticed that her udder was starting to fill. I thought maybe she was still a few days away.

Later that afternoon, we heard some strange noises on the baby monitor. The boys said it sounded like there was a buck in the yard with them. I ran down to check. Piper was on the other side of the hay feeder already pushing.

I stayed out of the way and took a video.  She would push and yell when she had contractions and then there would be a minute or so of quiet.  When I thought she might be having a bit of a hard time, I offered a little assistance by gently pulling on the baby while she pushed. The kid slipped right out. I wiped the kid’s nose clear and then stood back and let Piper have a little time licking her new baby and bonding. Then I helped dry her off. Once she was up and stumbling around, I made sure she found the right place to have her first meal of the all-important colostrum.

Here’s the video. BEWARE. Do not watch this unless you just absolutely LOVE details, ok? It is graphic. Seriously. If you just want to watch the baby after it’s born as she takes her first steps and such, start the video at 3:30

But, they say birth is a miracle. It makes me tear up every time I watch it so, here it is:


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