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Cheesecake From Goat’s Milk Chèvre

I know I’m posting this on April Fool’s Day but this is not a joke. See? The cheesecake doesn’t use any cream cheese. It’s still silky and luscious. And no, it doesn’t taste GOATY! But let’s take a few steps … Continue reading

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Nina’s Birth Story

It’s almost been a month since this year’s kids were born. February was literally a blur. I had vertigo writing out the March calendar on the dry erase board when I came to the end and had to write “April 1, 2, … Continue reading

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Piper’s Birth Story

Piper is a wonderful dairy goat. She’s so calm. When I bought her from Sunny Pine Dairy as a bottle baby a couple of years ago, the girl who worked there helped me pick her out. She told me her … Continue reading

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Finley’s Birth Story

Piper, Nina and Finley are our goats. We bred them to a Boer buck in September. Their due dates were February 6, 11 and 10, respectively. Finley started showing some discharge on February 2. It was clear but I got … Continue reading

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Piper and Nina’s kids

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Piper’s Birthing – Two Videos

I am posting the cleanest, happiest one first. This has very little blood, guts or gore. The baby is out and Piper is cleaning her off. If you want to see more of the actual birthing, just keep scrolling down this … Continue reading

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Lucas pets the new kid-video

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Video of new baby

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First Kid of 2015-album

This is a gallery so you need to click on each photo if you want to see it larger. I will be giving the birth story in a later post.

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How Can You Love January?

I love January like a mother loves nap time. In the photo above, my garden lays sleeping under layers of farmy compost and crusty snow. It is resting and regenerating. It doesn’t need me right now. Do I miss it? Nope. It will … Continue reading

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