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Shocker: My First Love ISN’T Chickens!

It’s dirt. If you know me well, you might say, “Oh, of course. I knew that.” I had forgotten this until I was cleaning out the chicken coop today. After the fresh-poopy layer there was a dry-poopy layer and under … Continue reading

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A Gallery of Photos from Late September

This gallery contains 7 photos.

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One Animal We Would NOT Farm Without

I love the chickens, I love the ducks even more, the geese are cool, the goats are necessary, the sheep are perfect but there’s one animal we wouldn’t do any of it without: a livestock guardian dog (LGD). When we … Continue reading

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We ordered Royal Palm Turkey hatching eggs. I used a contact I had on and they ended up coming from New York. It is recommended to start incubating eggs within 10 days of being laid. It did end up … Continue reading

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Raising Chicks~Let Mama Do It!

In mid May last year when one of our hens went broody I watched her for a day or two to see how serious she was. When she was still on the nest and still puffing up and holding her … Continue reading

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Homestead Beginnings: BEWARE of Chickens

In the spring of 2012, I begged my husband for chickens. I told him I wanted 3 or 4. If they didn’t work out we would just eat them. They were “chicken” after all. No real loss. He finally relented … Continue reading

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