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The Sting of Failure: What NOT To Do With Bees.

No, I’m not going to apologize for my cheesy title. Is that a back-door way of apologizing? Anyway, failure hurts. It makes me feel sorta stupid and naive. We attended one beekeepers meeting. One. First lesson:  Don’t get bees if … Continue reading

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How Can You Love January?

I love January like a mother loves nap time. In the photo above, my garden lays sleeping under layers of farmy compost and crusty snow. It is resting and regenerating. It doesn’t need me right now. Do I miss it? Nope. It will … Continue reading

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My Favorite Bread Recipe (including videos and photos)

I normally make this dough using a second hand bread machine. I don’t bake it with the bread machine but just use the dough setting. If you make a lot of dough, you might consider picking one up. I will … Continue reading

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Counter-top Yogurt

I am so excited to share this with you. I recently purchased a yogurt starter from Cultures for Health. I needed something a little easier and more foolproof for making yogurt. Previously, I would make yogurt using a little plain … Continue reading

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My First Hard Apple Cider~November 2012

The following post is one I made a couple of years ago on a previous blog I had. If you are interested in homebrew, I hope you will enjoy all the details I included. If you are only mildly curious about … Continue reading

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We ate rabbit for the first time last night.  We, all four of us (two 36 year olds, a 10 year old boy and an 8 year old boy) LOVED it.  It was incredibly tender and juicy. We’ve been raising … Continue reading

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Busy Sunday

Today was a great day for wrapping up some things.  Here’s a few photos. In the morning I made bread. I have been making bread for 15 years. I thought I knew what I was doing and don’t know why … Continue reading

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Third Time’s a Charm

Here I am again with the mozzarella and the mistakes. First, I did not follow the directions carefully. I was supposed to dissolve the citric acid in water and then add the cool milk. I added the citric acid as … Continue reading

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Spring and Cheese

Spring is in full swing. The rutabagas and are up. So is the cabbage. The peas are three inches tall. The rhubarb is trying to flower but I keep pulling the stalks off.  We have two ducks trying to be … Continue reading

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Why I Pulled All Our Raw Milk and Started Over

In all my research, which was mostly internet based, I didn’t come across one important factor that has changed the way I handle our raw goat’s milk. It was brought to my attention by another one of my wonderful neighbors. … Continue reading

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