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Third Time’s a Charm

Here I am again with the mozzarella and the mistakes. First, I did not follow the directions carefully. I was supposed to dissolve the citric acid in water and then add the cool milk. I added the citric acid as … Continue reading

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Spring and Cheese

Spring is in full swing. The rutabagas and are up. So is the cabbage. The peas are three inches tall. The rhubarb is trying to flower but I keep pulling the stalks off.  We have two ducks trying to be … Continue reading

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Why I Pulled All Our Raw Milk and Started Over

In all my research, which was mostly internet based, I didn’t come across one important factor that has changed the way I handle our raw goat’s milk. It was brought to my attention by another one of my wonderful neighbors. … Continue reading

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Kombucha Update

The short story on the kombucha:  our whole family drinks it and likes it and it’s easy to maintain. It is very ugly, though. I’m not sure if I should show you some of the pictures I have. You might not … Continue reading

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I Think I Promised I Would Be Honest…

Well. I’m not sure how to say this but the goat’s milk I’ve been promising EVERY ONE I know that it ISN’T goaty…has been…well…goat-y! So goaty that my kids wouldn’t drink it. If you’re not sure what goaty is, I’ve heard … Continue reading

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We are getting bees. I just got off the phone with Gib from Sunrise Honey in Clayton, Washington. He’s going to be making a delivery to Winthrop during the second week of April. I’ll be meeting him in Pateros to … Continue reading

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Beef Tallow Breakdown

Lately I’ve noticed that a lot of you agree with the following poster: I agree too. So, this last weekend I bought 5 lbs of beef fat from my local butcher who butchers mainly grass fed, non GMO cattle. I … Continue reading

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